A Different Kind of Photo Editing Company

At Sidecar Post, we believe we are the best photo editing company out there. We work so closely with our clients and we have a small team - this allows us to deliver personal attention to every single photographer we work with. We invest in learning your style and preferences and we continue to work closely with you to ensure every single event is edited to your standards.

We want to be your right hand studio assistant, supporting you and helping with editing as you need it, your way. Every photography business has unique needs, and by outsourcing, you can make sure that you are fulfilling your turnaround time and still have time to work on marketing your business, responding to clients, and maintaining your personal life!

We wouldn't be the best photo editing company around if we didn't pride ourselves on our hard work and dedication to our clients. Because we are focused on making your images - and your studio - look fantastic, you can be sure your clients will be impressed. You can tell them that you have an expert post production team, or you can keep it under wraps. We don't post our client list and we don't disclose our clients without their permission.

We would love to talk with you and assess your post production needs. Please reach out to us! We look forward to learning more about how we can help.